What is chiropractic?

The term "chiropractic" comes from the Greek and means "to do with the hand". This also describes the most important
activity of the chiropractor:
The treatment of joints, especially in the spinal area, and the musculature.
Special hand movements and techniques are used for this.

What is the purpose of chiropractic treatment?

Chiropractic is used to treat functional joint complaints.

Pain in the back is often caused by displaced and blocked vertebrae or tense muscles that
restrict the mobility of the spine.
Such blocked and displaced vertebrae can also have negative effects on nerve structures. This can cause, for example
headaches, dizziness or visual disturbances. If the joint blockage can be removed,
these symptoms can also disappear.

The general aim is to normalise the functionality and interaction of joints and muscles and, in doing so
relieve or at best eliminate pain.

As chiropractic is also part of osteopathic training, we at ateré - THERAPIEZENTRUM AN DER BÖRSE
we use chiropractic as part of parietal osteopathy.

How does chiropractic treatment work?

As with osteopathic treatment, special emphasis is placed on the following procedures:

Detailed anamnesis and physical examination
The patient is always thoroughly questioned and examined before treatment. On the one hand, this measure is intended to clarify
the patient's problem is suitable for chiropractic treatment and, on the other hand, to make a diagnosis that is as precise
as possible for the therapy design. For the physical examination, the patient is asked to partially undress,
as the therapist will examine the patient's entire body
and draw up a
treatment plan.

The treatment

Contrary to all fears, the treatment itself is painless. The therapist has a range of different
treatment methods are available. These include

The manipulation treatment:
The term manipulation refers to an important treatment technique used by the chiropractor. The chiropractor brings the
joint partners into a physiological position through gentle manipulation with his hands. This can be done by a
audible "crack", which is completely harmless.

The treatment of soft tissues such as muscles or tendons: This is done through various types of massage
and targeted stretches.

Indications for chiropractic

Back pain
Joint blockages
Muscular problems
Pain in the musculoskeletal system
Tension headache

What complications can occur during chiropractic treatment? occur?

Chiropractic is used frequently in many practices and for a wide range of clinical pictures.
Most back complaints have functional causes, i.e,
there are no organic changes such as a slipped disc.
If organic causes are clarified and ruled out in advance, then the
Chiropractic is a suitable treatment method with very low
risks - provided, of course, that it is performed
by a trained chiropractor.

In very rare cases, complications such as
Nerve failure symptoms such as sensory disturbances or signs of paralysis
or vascular injuries can occur. However, these are usually due to improper
technique, or there was an as yet unrecognised organic disease.

The patient should be informed in detail about such
complications by the therapist.