Helge Thorn

Personal training and medical training therapy

Natascha Schmitt

Professional triathlete, sports science graduate,
Personal trainer and mental coach

IQ Athletik

Institute for training optimization, performance diagnostics,
Metabolic analysis and nutritional advice.


Bornmann und Schröder

Biomechanics and craftsmanship
Movement analysis, proprioception, orthopaedic
Shoe insoles for everyday life, sport and work, made-to-measure shoes
Posture analysis

Annette Dobmeier

Osteopath, alternative practitioner and physiotherapist
She looks after competitive athletes, including the German
Women's national soccer team.

Stark Concept

Practice facilities and equipment.


Aponeo - Naturopath directory

Alternative practitioners near you - personal

Association of Osteopaths in Germany

The VOD is the largest association of osteopaths
in Germany. We are a member of the VOD.